Project Updates and Dates to Keep in Mind

  • Stokes Greene Property (end of Quaker Ridge Road towards the Dam):  Good news - the abandoned vandalized buildings on the NYDEP property are on the list to be taken down!  May not be until 2020 but we have finally made the list thanks to our community based outreach.
  • Sunshine Home (Spring Valley Road):  Frustration continues as community members try to get the proper authorities to make sure the developer follows rules and regulations.  Concern also mounts related to blasting - especially over the abandoned silver mines and so near the Ossining water supply.  Check out the conversation on FaceBook at
  • Proposed drug rehab on Quaker Ridge Road:  next Planning Board meeting on Tuesday April 2.  Follow either this site or the FaceBook page for updates on what will be on the agenda.


Greater Teatown is a unique community defined by nature reserves, parks and NY DEP protected lands located only 39 miles north of New York City’s Grand Central Station. 


This environmentally sensitive area acts as a key link in supplying drinking water to over 8.6 million people including residents of Greater Teatown, local communities and New York City. 


Greater Teatown, as part of the Indian Brook-Croton Gorge Watershed, also plays a key role in the health of the Hudson River.


The area has a strong connection to the Revolutionary War, is home to the historically significant Croton Dam, and has large amounts of open space designed to act as buffers for drinking water supplies and as biodiversity corridors in an increasingly congested Westchester County. 


As part of this network of open space, Greater Teatown hosts Teatown Lake Reservation, Bald Mountain, Croton Gorge, the Old Croton Aqueduct, and the Teatown-Kitchawan Trail.


Greater Teatown’s most important resource are the people who live here.  With zoning that requires two or more acres of land and residents that depend on well water, we act as protectors of our unique community and guardians of the drinking water supplies for millions of people beyond the Greater Teatown borders.  We are also neighbors that care deeply about each other.  We stay connected not only through our community email list – Teatown Area Neighborhood Network (TANN) but also through community events such as potluck dinners, holiday celebrations, clean up days, and other gatherings.

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