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This website is hosted by the Greater Teatown Defense Alliance.


Our primary focus is to study and protect the environmental resources of the Greater Teatown area.  As part of this, we help ensure safe drinking water for over 8.6 million people, protect open space for the benefit of the larger community, and safeguard both locally and nationally registered historic sites.


An important part of our mission is helping others understand the environmental services provided by Greater Teatown.  A stronger voice is needed because we exist as an outpost of four separate municipalities and are often the target of development proposals vetted solely by the municipality in which the parcel is located.  This results in the cumulative impact of development proposals being ignored. 


In addition, activities such as tree clearing by Con Edison, police and fire coverage, and road maintenance are dependent on decisions made by municipal governments located far from Greater Teatown. Decisions that ignore the need to coordinate activities across the four municipalities represented in Greater Teatown and do not take into account the unique needs of the community can have devistating impacts that resonate well outside our border.  For example, Greater Teatown does not have fire hydrant coverage and a fire would have devistating consequences on both drinking water and electricity supplies for millions of New Yorkers.


If you have any questions about us or would like to volunteer, please contact us through this website.




Karen Wells

History of Teatown

In 1776, the area defined as Greater Teatown was home to John Arthur.  Having procured tea during this difficult time, his plans to sell the tea at a profit was brought down by a group of female activists.  By forcing John Arthur to sell his tea at a fair price, they also gave birth to a name that has continued by used over the centuries (Pilla, 2001). 

Pilla, D. (2001, December 5 – 11).  A history of Teatown explained.  North County News, p. 21.
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